6th December meeting report

The ladies who attended this meeting appeared to have fun learning how to design their own Hawaiian templates. Thank you so much Paula and well done.

Here are some pictures of Show and Tell before we see some of the templates.

Birdy showed us her wall-hanging. Very colourful.

Sheila has made this lovely quilted Christmas Tree Skirt. Lovely!

Nicky showed us some of her purchases she acquired at the Houston Quilt Show.

More of Nicky’s purchases.

Paula spoke about some of the symbols that make up some of the Hawaiian designs and of her friendship with one of the Island’s foremost Quilters.

Now for some photos of the templates made by members.

This is one of Paula’s own Hawaiian quilts. Inspiring!

We had a lovely surprise from Paula and a couple of her friends from the U3A Ukelele Group. They gave us a rendition of a Hawaiian song and the played Merry Christmas to us.


6th December meeting

Don’t forget we have Paula Hulme talking about Hawaiian Quilts.

Paula will teach us how to design our own templates. Please bring paper scissors with if you have some.

We should be in for a very informative meeting.

Hope to see you there.

SPQ Meeting 1st November

As the booked speaker for this meeting was not replying to emails, another speaker had to be found quickly.

Luckily, Marion Moss agreed to step in at nearly the last minute.

Marion is known to quite a few of us at SPQ so most grateful for her to give the talk.

Marion told us something of her experiences of teaching textiles in various colleges and also her qualifications.

She brought along 3 ladies who are now leading a few of the classes setup by Marion for U3A.

Sue Sutton spoke to us about her role within the Patchwork & Quilting Class. She showed us various samples of the work and explained some of the techniques used.

April Croft then spoke to us of her role within the Creative Machine Embroidery classes she now runs.

Both these classes are held in the Community Fire Station, Stone.

Here are some of the photographs taken of the talk.

Also, here are some photos of our Show and Tell.

Sue has made this lovely quilt of a Beatrix Potter design.

Anne showed the quilt she has made for her son. Lovely colours.

Anne also showed us the Twiddle mat has made.

Sheila has finished her Tweak and Twiddle she made at the Jennie Rayment Workshop.

Meeting 4th October – Speaker – Carolyn Gibbs

Before we see pictures of Carolyn’s quilts, we will start with ‘Show and Tell’.

Sue showed her hand-stitched and hand-quilted which she has made. Looks great.

Mouse showed her first attempt at the ‘Folded Star’.

Another of Mouse’s creations.

Mouse has also made this full-size quilt. Lovely colours.

Margery showed her lovely quilt.

Sheila showed us her recent creations. She should be very proud.

Joyce showed us her reversible bag. Looks great.

Carolyn was a very entertaining, inspiring speaker who was very well received by us all.

Carolyn gave us a part of her history as a Chemistry teacher and went on to tell us about her journey into patchwork and quilting. She brought along lots of her quilts which were quite lovely.

Now some of Carolyn’s quilts –

As you can see, really lovely quilts. We certainly were greatly entertained by Carolyn and her enthusiasm. Thank you Carolyn for such a lovely night.