Meeting 4th October – Speaker – Carolyn Gibbs

Before we see pictures of Carolyn’s quilts, we will start with ‘Show and Tell’.

Sue showed her hand-stitched and hand-quilted which she has made. Looks great.

Mouse showed her first attempt at the ‘Folded Star’.

Another of Mouse’s creations.

Mouse has also made this full-size quilt. Lovely colours.

Margery showed her lovely quilt.

Sheila showed us her recent creations. She should be very proud.

Joyce showed us her reversible bag. Looks great.

Carolyn was a very entertaining, inspiring speaker who was very well received by us all.

Carolyn gave us a part of her history as a Chemistry teacher and went on to tell us about her journey into patchwork and quilting. She brought along lots of her quilts which were quite lovely.

Now some of Carolyn’s quilts –

As you can see, really lovely quilts. We certainly were greatly entertained by Carolyn and her enthusiasm. Thank you Carolyn for such a lovely night.


SEPTEMBER 6th Meeting

The speaker for this month cancelled two days before meeting. Luckily for us, Chris Franses was able to step in and be our speaker for this month.

Chris brought lots of her quilts with her and called her talk ‘ It’s all Barbara’s fault’. Chris was very entertaining and her talk was most enjoyable with her telling us how she got into patchwork and quilting. She also spoke about her time in charge of The Young Quilters division of the Quilter’s Guild. Photos of some of the quilts will be shown later in this post.

Show and Tell

Sue Rhodes showed us her log cabin quilt. Love the colours.

Daphne talked about her baby quilt and how she needed a ‘little bit of help’ from her friend Margery. Love the design, Daphne.

Anne Walsh brought along this lovely quilt that she has made.

Anne Wildblood made this reversible log cabin quilt. So dinky.

Now for some of Chris’s quilts –

Chris said this was the first quilt she made. I think she said it as all hand sewn and quilted.

This is a quilt made from silk and appliqued. This was a workshop Chris attended.

Chris started to make patchwork jackets. The second one was for her daughter. Chris said her daughter was always easy to find when she wore this!

First sample quilt.

A Welsh Quilt.

Chris made this quilt and her daughter asked if she could quilt it. Becky used metallic thread. She had never machine quilted before. Looks gorgeous with all the butterflies.

Various quilts.

Various ‘stars’.

My favourite log cabin.

Foundation pieced.

More ‘stars’.

Chris’s Minton Tile quilt. So striking.

Chris’s latest quilt to her own design.