Report from meeting on 2nd May

We welcomed Dawn Cameron-Dick to our meeting. Dawn spoke at some length about sewing machine needles and threads.

All of us appeared to be very interested in what Dawn had to say especially the SCHMETZ needles new colour system of identifying the right needle for whatever you are sewing. The talk on threads was also very interesting with Dawn detailing the best threads for different fabrics and how quality thread was best.

Before pictures of Dawn here are some Show and Tell quilts made by some of our members.

Daphne has made this quilt for her nephew for Christmas.

Marjorie said she started this quilt some time ago and has now finished it.

This is Wilbur made by Mouse. I think nearly everybody fell in love with him.

Another few of Mouse’s makes. All beautiful!

These two quilts have been hand pieced and hand quilted. So lovely and made with much patience.

Now for some pictures of Dawn giving her talk –

These two pictures show needles in some detail.


This board shows some details about thread.

Dawn also showed us the SCHMETZ app which can be used with smart phones. Very useful indeed and extremely helpful when purchasing sewing machine needles and thread.

Thank you for a very interesting and informative meeting, Dawn.

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