March AGM report

This year’s  AGM was well-attended and the Members’ Market proved a great hit with many taking the opportunity for a clear-out and others finding that elusive fabric they’d been needing for months.

Jenny Latham was unanimously voted in as Treasurer and Irene McGranachan unanimously as Secretary. We will be needing a new Chairman next year when Maggie Palmer comes to the end of her tenure.

Many of you attend meetings but we find (in common with so many groups and societies) that very few are willing to volunteer to help with running the group, or even the meetings. We desperately need you to volunteer to help make the tea and coffee each month. If everyone who attended the AGM volunteered to make tea you would only need to do it once every three years! Both Irene and Jenny have served on the Committee before but neither wanted to see the group fold, which it will without its Committee; they were voted in unanimously because no one else was prepared to put their name forward.

The quilts below are from Show and Tell (no further information came with them I’m afraid – ed.).







Our next meeting is on April 6th and is a talk by Liz Brooke-Ward entitled ‘Whatever Floats Your Boat’ and our Trader for the month will be Quilters Trading Post from Buerton.

Don’t forget the British Quilt and Stitch Village at Uttoxeter is April 7th – 9th.


September Meeting

Our September meeting is on September 1st – that’s next week! We hope you have all checked your diaries and calendars and noticed that the first Thursday will be upon us before we’ve realised. Our speaker this month is Lesley Brankin with a talk entitled “One thing leads to another”. Leslie is a Textile Artist &  Quilt Designer and so you should be in for a visual treat.

We bumped into quite a few of you at the NEC and, looking at photos on social media of the quilts that caught peoples’ eyes, we do wonder if we all went to the same show. Which quilts caught your eye? Here are a few of the ones we liked (starting with a general shot up one of the quilt aisles –

2016-08-11 15.18.49

2016-08-11 15.26.57

2016-08-11 15.27.11

2016-08-11 15.31.16

Hope to see you next Thursday!

Festival of Quilts

We hope you are all enjoying a summer break despite the weather. Don’t forget that next week is the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. This is right on our doorstep and easy to get to by train, or car.

There is so much to see and do at the Festival that you really need at least two days there – one to see the quilts and one to visit all the traders. Most of us can only escape for one day so plan ahead and write a list (or two). Take your camera and some money, most of the traders take cards too – which is not always a good thing, too much temptation.

Why not persuade some friends to share a car (and travel costs) and have a day out. You will see traders from all over the world, not just the UK traders you will see at other shows up and down the country. The same applies to the quilts – entries from all over the world, so many different categories and styles to admire and enthuse over – and wonder how on earth …?

You will find further information to help you plan your day(s) out here, including the option to buy tickets in advance, choose and book a workshop or a talk . . . and check out the list of traders to help you plan what you really need to buy and what you would quite like to look at. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

Quilts UK trip

How much can 28 ladies unleashed on the Malvern quilt show enjoy themselves!  Well of course a lot.  We travelled by coach from Stone on Saturday 21st May leaving at 8.30am and thanks to our super safe driver arrived safely in Malvern at 10.45 having had a short stop at M&S to purchase sandwiches for lunch!

The first thing that hits a new visitor to Malvern is the noise and the colour of all the fabrics.  There are so many suppliers available to you with all sorts of desirable items that somehow you can’t imagine how you managed without before this day.


We had plenty of time to walk round both the suppliers and the competition quilts before, in small groups, we found a space for lunch some inside and some brave folk outside (the temperature was a little low).


After lunch was the time most of us went back to suppliers we had checked out previously, to make our purchases.

We arrived back at Stone at 6pm tired (some of us had a snooze on the coach) but very happy and satisfied with a day well spent.

Quilt Show at Uttoxeter

The British Quilt and Stitch Village show is now on at Uttoxeter Racecourse. Today was a busy day, lots to see, lots to buy and a great many people to talk to.

Staffs Ps and Qs have an exhibition stand, which was kept busy all day.

2016-04-22 11.35.14

Jane from The Corner Patch

2016-04-22 11.26.57

and Diana from Castle Court Quilters

2016-04-22 11.38.07

both have stands at the show – they are two of our local traders – and were kept busy all day (although Jane lost her patterns – they were free with two fat quarters but it seems some people only saw the ‘free’ and helped themselves).

The quilts are on display upstairs – Chris took a quick snapshot while there weren’t too many people about –

2016-04-22 12.08.41

And finally among all the other things to marvel at was a 3D printer –

2016-04-22 13.21.57

The possibilities have been swirling . . .  its going on the Christmas wishlist.

The show is open tomorrow and Sunday – do go if you get a chance and come and say hello to whoever is working on our stand.

Otherwise, we will see you on Thursday May 5th at Stone Station (not our usual venue).

Quilt show – Uttoxeter

Are you doing anything important on 22nd to 24th March if you have spare time then an addition could be added to your diary.  The British Quilt and Stitch Village is being held at Uttoxeter Race Course with suppliers from all over the country, together with a good display of quilts.  Staffordshire Patchwork and Quilters will be manning a stand for the three days and we would love to meet anyone who is either experienced or a beginner at quilting. Come and find out about our group and about the talks we have arranged for 2016.