Photo Gallery

Over the years in the days before digital cameras SPQ built up an impressive collection of photo albums charting our exploits and accomplishments. There are far too many albums to keep bringing along to meetings for members to look through. Consequently they have spent the last few years stuffed in the back of committee members cupboards, lofts, or car boots where no one can see them.

But not any more…

Scanned, saved, organised and now posted here for you to peruse to your hearts’ content for inspiration: Click on the titles to download PDF versions of the original albums.

SPQ Exhibition of Quilts 2005  A Celebration of Talent


SPQ Photo Album 2003 – 2007

Part 1: 2003-2005                                             Part 2: 2005-2007

sue Cook img_20140828_0023

03-05 gallery img_20140827_00011

2003 – SPQ’s 21st Birthday Party

21 birthday img_20140828_0015

Young Quilters 1991 – 1996

YQ img_20140827_0001